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I cannot expect from myself such an interesting & more explicit interpretation about “Life” but it happened by me in my deep state of unknown thoughts, by the virtue of love to exist in this materialistic world, somehow. I think it’s my best creativity ever beyond my imagination. So I’d love to share it thousand and thousand times with my friends and followers till “Life” permits me to do so. Please enjoy it and try to understand “Life” in a straight and clear interpretation here, cause there exists nothing in this universe except only one thing i.e.”Life” or “You”


Steven Paul Jobs, called Steve Jobs, co-founde... Steven Paul Jobs, called Steve Jobs, co-founder, chairman and CEO of Apple Inc. (Photo credit: Wikipedia)

Steven Jobs once mentioned in a motivating speech for each one of us:

” You’ve got to find what you love.  Don’t  settle…as with all matters of the heart.  You will know when you find it”.

Earlier since, I started writing on this blog, I was really confused about the way I was living my life for.   Still,  I haven’t found my way of living my life. But the above lines sparked me to try again til, I got to find what I love and what I want to do.  Then, ‘not to settle’ until  my heart says OK Fine !   I  tried to find and seek to overlook my undone efforts on the questions of life.  And in this process,  I discovered a few interesting facts of  life.  That I want to share…

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After wasting so much precious time, there comes a spark again in my soul.  So i’m bound to write and express myself again.  It happened just a few minutes ago and all the credit goes to my successor who did this.  He shook me and helped me by making my first fresh new blog.  And it made both of us happy and fulfilled with joy and so much satisfying.

Life is bent upon to almost kill me but i have survived always like today. It felt to me that i am born again to live a new life again. Last six to seven months i was lost and buried somewhere between the struggle of making life easy and better, but it only got worse day by day, And finally when I was going to decide that i should surrender myself to the life as it is, suddenly I found myself to get up again to fight for some cause, to survive for my dears but not for nears.

There are some great Men who must have given me the strength to live for my dreams, George Michael, His golden voice will inspire me till my life ends. when he sings in his wet,unique,lovely,lively,fresh and soul touching voice, it carries me somewhere where i feel like that its my personality and its my voice and its me who is expressing in words of music.

Shri T.T. Rangarajan  whose wisdom guided me when i read his “Unposted letter” the, I must admire his true message with an honest authority.

Open any page, and Answer is seeking the seeker.

And there are no words to appreciate his gift to the humanity. I’m his follower and shall be always.

Steven Paul Jobs  the Apple Man, who is not ‘Late’ for me, till the rest of my life i’ll dream of doing at least one deed like Steve did many. The world Including me will be grateful always for the services and ultimate things he invented.

All three personalities are different from each other except one thing they share in common,
All are unique  and matchless in living a life for humanity. I’m trying very hard to follow their path but haven’t started yet and don’t know when i’ll finish.
I’ve to fight a numerous time, I shall fight.
I’ve to born a numerous time, I shall bear myself again and again.

This is my fight and i will not quit till my win or finish where me and life are even. Only my dears will decide and declare this by learning tough and hard lessons of life as their winning prizes and trophies.