An effort to liberalizing people to help themselves.

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I cannot expect from myself such an interesting & more explicit interpretation about “Life” but it happened by me in my deep state of unknown thoughts, by the virtue of love to exist in this materialistic world, somehow. I think it’s my best creativity ever beyond my imagination. So I’d love to share it thousand and thousand times with my friends and followers till “Life” permits me to do so. Please enjoy it and try to understand “Life” in a straight and clear interpretation here, cause there exists nothing in this universe except only one thing i.e.”Life” or “You”


Steven Paul Jobs, called Steve Jobs, co-founde... Steven Paul Jobs, called Steve Jobs, co-founder, chairman and CEO of Apple Inc. (Photo credit: Wikipedia)

Steven Jobs once mentioned in a motivating speech for each one of us:

” You’ve got to find what you love.  Don’t  settle…as with all matters of the heart.  You will know when you find it”.

Earlier since, I started writing on this blog, I was really confused about the way I was living my life for.   Still,  I haven’t found my way of living my life. But the above lines sparked me to try again til, I got to find what I love and what I want to do.  Then, ‘not to settle’ until  my heart says OK Fine !   I  tried to find and seek to overlook my undone efforts on the questions of life.  And in this process,  I discovered a few interesting facts of  life.  That I want to share…

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June 12 World Day against Child Labor

It’s not my views and it’s not my indigenous fantastic movie making and the ultimate marvelous creative art direction enthralling idea but I liked it too much for having felt deep down at my heart to strongly support and recommend this concept and the message of someone more intelligent and more human than me.  I’d love to know the views, inspiration and learning of so many intellectuals, viewers and visitors  of my blog. Specifically, I’d like to invite them all around the world on this post for proving a fact that where are we still living and where are we moving ahead ?

My Words ends here, rest you should see and experience to act accordingly. But in the end infact, something most important remains to say again.

The more we share this video, The More we help millions of innocent lives


Who cares?

     Radhanath-Swami_Indian-at-heart (1)

“Never believe that a few caring people can’t change the world. For, indeed, that’s all who ever have.” ~ Margaret Mead

The world is so chaotic. Depression, suicide, and addictions are increasing worldwide at a rapid rate. It shows that people are hurting and feel alone with their pain. But why care?

Because even if you feel you can’t change the earth, you may be able to change somebody’s world.

“Let my soul smile through my heart and my heart smile through my eyes, that I may scatter rich smiles in sad hearts.” ~ Paramahansa Yogananda

No matter how small your gesture, it can make a difference to someone. A smile costs nothing but it may just brighten someone’s day. A sympathetic ear can help someone feel that they are not alone with their problem. An offer of help may give someone an extra boost to achieve their dream.

It’s not important how you show you care, as long as you do. For when you do, you initiate a chain of kindness that is passed on to others and it is this collective caring that helps to change the world.

Sometimes though it isn’t the lack of care that is the concern, it is the ability to receive it that is difficult. If you’ve experienced rejection you can be left with a lack of trust that forms a barrier to accepting any level affection.

I went through many years convincing myself that I didn’t want anyone to care for me out of pure fear that I would attach to their love only to have it ripped away from me. And even believing that someone would want to care was improbable. How could anyone care about me when my own mother had physically abandoned me and mentally killed me off in her mind?

Yet I did need someone to care. I needed it desperately. Whilst I was too terrified to take the risk to reach out, it was impossible for anyone to reach in. The combination of depression and alcoholism constructed an emotional barricade that was impenetrable.

“The walls that you build as a safeguard are the same walls that will in turn isolate and imprison.” ~ The Hurt Healer

Unfortunately my mental fortress served only to trap me further in my cycle of despair by restricting me to living each day based only on the my experiences of rejection and abuse. Worse, it prevented any chance of allowing healing or restoration.

There was only one way that I was going to ever be able to be helped and that was for the walls to come down. Of course this was an inevitability that I hadn’t the courage to face, and so it was my mental breakdown that resulted in the collapse of my barriers. As they came crushing down, my vulnerability was exposed and I waited for the end of my life to come.

But it didn’t. Because someone cared. Professionals stepped in and there were friends who stood by me. They cared for me when I was unable to care for myself. Over time I learnt how to renew my boundaries in a positive way. Life stopped being simply a battle against the bad, and became a home for the good.

“Pour out your heart before Him. God is a refuge for us.” ~ Psalm 62:8

Most importantly I found a faith that cared unconditionally. I realised that God cared, and that He had done all along. When I was willing to receive the love that had waited for me, I was then able to heal.  And as I handed over my past, present and future into the security of His hands, so I found the refuge I had longed for. Today I am safely in His care. 

We all need someone to care for us. But that love needs to be rooted in truth.  And it needs to be given freely. If someone is showing you that they care only to want something from you in return, then it isn’t genuine. Steer clear.compassion

“If you want others to be happy, practice compassion.  If you want to be happy, practice compassion.”  ~ Dalai Lama

It bothers me that so many people are hurting and nobody seems to care. Yet I know that the best way to feel cared for is to care for others. Doing something kind for someone makes you feel good too.

So in answer to the question ‘Who cares?’

I do. I care.

I have been fascinated by this amazing post written originally  by one of the genius blogger ” The Hurt Healer”.  So I took her kind  permission to reblog this post into my blog for sharing it with my friends and visitors without changing a single word.  I hope they will like and appreciate the idea after going through it. I wish to dedicate this post to one of my loved ones with the heartiest LOVING congratulations on his birthday today for my immense pleasure felt earlier on this special day of 26.09.1992.  A very happy birthday wish to him from all of us.

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Connecting at the source

Radhanath-Swami_Indian-at-heart (1)


Since starting to write on this blog till my earlier post  “Investing into Future”  I am looking for a missing link in completing my  jigsaw puzzle of conveying this message of liberating people to harvest their humanity among all the hearts and souls of people of our beautiful world.

Fortunately, by the grace of Lord Shri Krishna and with the help of Swami Sri Radhanath Swami,  this missing piece of my puzzle is being added hereby in the form of YouTube video link.  Just press a slight click here  to have a divine experience of his calm, polite, humble, soothing, comfortable and holy voice to bless and guide us to the destination of wisdom and strength of humanity.  After Listening to him I realized the effect and size of a real wisdom expressed in his simple gentle gesture of deep penetrating words still echoing into my mind for generating a curiosity to share this knowledge with all of you.  I’d like to wish those words to imprint within our hearts for all times.

I could never convey my feelings straight like this saint did but I always longed it to. Therefore, I must obliged and thankful to the greatness and help of  his holiness sant  Shri Radhanath Swami ji.  As well as, I must also be very much obliged  and thankful to the visitors and readers of my blog to listen and follow this life changing  speech  and thoughts so patiently.  I believe that this alone effort would be completely fruitful and worthwhile enough in conveying  the messages of all my efforts in writing of all my earlier posts.


Have you ever noticed ?  When you open a tap, from where the  water runs at your home constantly ?  When you press a button with your fingertip to switch on an electrical appliance, from where the energy of electricity flows to the power panel of your house enormously ? Likewise, When you seek all your necessities and desires, from where all the amenities and supplies become available in any desired numbers at your doorstep ?

Just think it over and it is not very hard to find that all these services are being produced from all the natural sources like air, water, soil, sun and space. We have just connected our homes at the beginning source of these natural sources with the help of technology to bring all this material world at our ease and disposal .  Any obstacle or leakage in between the path can interrupt our hassle free supplies.  But we are smart enough to keep all the things intact, planned and backed up without even expecting the possibility of draining all the available sources. On being any source disturbed and polluted, all the smart arrangements of wired,  piped,  linked and connected world may result in a disaster of futile and waste.

The same technique is required to keep the strength of humanity to live with happiness, peace and love.  Only, if it is smartly arranged, guided, linked and well-connected to the source to make this world free from all problems of obstacles and leakages of  inequality, anger, fear, hate, the risk of losing humanity with lust of power and money.

And this is simply possible by connecting ourselves with us and with the others consciously.  But,  we have lost this very important mode of practice and forgotten the fact of this necessary phenomenon of life in the blind race of accumulating unnecessary wealth, power and all the materialistic things at the cost of losing self-contentment and happiness along with declining affection and respect for others.

This will certainly lead to a very tragic and critical situation, if it is not understood, cured and corrected at this time.  Still we are facing  a very huge discriminating and unsatisfied situations within the world in all over the societies of people. We can make our this beautiful world at peace and in a right balance, only if we act wisely.

So please, just broaden up your thinking of minds for opening up your hearts to listen to your deep inner voice to connect them at the source  of your great souls to save you and your civilization from all the expected dangers of destruction.


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English: Radhanath Swami (Photo credit: Wikipedia)

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Investing into Future

First thing First

Three days back, I came across a wonderful person’s blog.  After going through many posts there I realised some important facts, which led me to do something new and explosive apart from writing, reading, eating and all types of normal activities.  Since then, I could not sleep well and it made me so restless that I can’t resist myself from sharing that idea.

From the day one since 28th May 2013, honestly speaking, all the personalities I have come across on the are unique, great and wonderful.  They share the same qualities of being a genuine,  good knowledgeable and a learned human of versatility and kindness to guide this world with their motivating and positive energy filled ideas and thoughts.  I have a deep heartiest gratitude of obligation to all of them with a smiling and loving thankfulness for their kind services rendered to shape a better future of people living on this planet called ‘Earth’.

‘Time’ is ‘Money’

This fact needs not to be explained and described.  Everybody knows it very well.  But most of the people are unaware of opposite of this fact i.e. ‘Money is not ‘Time’.  We cannot afford to buy time back with any amount of money offered.  And so many persons are offering their so precious time at their will only in charity to mend a beautiful life of other persons.

Has this affected ?

I won’t say a no, but in a small amount it has  effected.  But in a larger big view frame it has not been worked out.  If these true efforts have touched the lives of people and had solved their all problems, there may not  a need to yell from the hearts of all creative genius to encourage towards changing the face of this existing world today. Reason being very small, failing to market all these free available solutions.  Public needs marketing and big blow of advertising to educate and to deliver something in the current scenario.

What to do ?

And all these activities needs a proper planning and execution with a good support of funding by some majority of group initiatives called organisations.  Here, our creative genius lacks to form a big majority of groups and to raise enough funds to support their activities. They rather do individually and in the form of NGO fighting for the social causes.  As a result, their message culminates into few already benefited societies and remains untouched from masses.


In the coming future,  we won’t see a major change in this world that we have always dreamt of,  if we don’t come forward  today in large group for a well planned execution.  Only writing on blogs, books  and chanting poetry, singing songs, painting canvas and walls, delivering motivational and devotional lectures won’t deliver the full purpose of a better change in human life.  In practical, We have to come together to form a big and more powerful organisation than any big corporation can do to get what we tell others to do. Because we have enough knowledge and better minute details of our dreams.  And we can do in an honest way towards their execution depending upon our inherent, inborn, extraordinary natural qualities we have.

Investing into ‘Future’ 

I have laid down the stone by initiating this idea.  You, all our friends are sincerely and cordially  invited to make a solid foundation and structure on it to make your dream come ‘True’ by investing into your ‘Future’.  I shall join you certainly with my full cooperation.  Invite, whoever, deserves…Image

“Only will requires,

rest shall be managed by ‘thyself’ and yourself”.

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This article follows to my earlier one ‘Life‘.  There, I finished my experiences of struggle with this unsatisfied life,  with a significant and a motivating video story  ‘Beyond me’ on this subject.  After watching this film one may able to know the answers to these questions  I have put through this blog.  So please, at first, you just go through it Life and if you have some more time, have a look on the others too because there is a “unique solution” to all the  problems and questions I had put through my earlier blogging.

And that is ‘Meditation’

Some folks may ask Why Meditation ?

There may  so many answers to this question but according to my thinking it is advisable and adoptable because:

 It is a simple natural therapy which needs nothing else except ‘You’ and “Your Self ” your inner self not your mind.

You may ask, What is our inner self ?

As everybody knows that he has changed physically and personality wise in appearance, as well as psychologically, emotionally and thoughtfully wise into his mind over a period from birth to elder age.  In all, he is not the same person in both terms, like physical and mental as compare to each moments, hours, days, months, years and decades  of life.  There is a constant change very silently and without one’s consent and knowledge whether he likes it or not.  It is impossible to stop or recover that change at any cost.  But, over all periods of time till date, there exists always one observer,  inside  ‘You’  that  has never been changed even a bit.  Who had always been unchanged.

And that unchanged is “Your Self”.

He, is who always, notices,  sees,  feels,  shares,  knows  and  watches  very carefully all your efforts and deeds in all circumstances and possibilities of all the times of this life since beginning,  without any interference and break in your awaken state or even in your fullest sleep modes.  It may also be interpreted as your consciousness.

But it is ‘You’  only  ‘You’.

If you just think it over a little,  you know that  ‘You’  were always there to keep a full record of you without any approval and interference on any matter and in any situation without even a single change in  ‘You’.

 This unchanged being is called your pure self. “Your self “.

For the purpose of knowing and connecting with this pure self,  the technique of ‘Meditation’ is  required.  This is the only one popular method ever known in this world to lead us in last stage of super consciousness.  Which cannot be explained in any way,  but it can experienced well enough within this or your next life periods sooner or later. It all depends on one’s abilities and will.

So many personalities have transformed through  ‘Meditation’.

The list may go to endless because the new science has come forward to explore the quantum physics and  the theory of relativity by ‘Einstein’  through meditation and consciousness practices and methods.  I published an article THE NEW SCIENCE OF ‘EVOLUTION’ , earlier, in this regard.  One of my article  ‘Time’  can also be correlated in this subject. Because, if we want to take a leap in such an enormous and  unlimited dimensions of galaxies of this wide open universe we have to go beyond all the existing concepts of knowledge available till date.  And it has been proven that it might  done by adopting the unique method of  ‘Meditation’.

The second reason for adopting meditation seems to an illogical one.  Which is to forget and erase all the knowledge one has gathered from generation to generation.  That knowledge opens a Pandora’s box of so many questions and confusions in one’s life that it becomes impossible to carry all this knowledge because every answer again leads to many unending questions to explored.  Finally, all this provides a restlessness in body and suffering in our soul and creates a enough stress on an unconscious and subtle mind. And this has to resolved at any point and at any cost to get rid of that stubbornness of this body and to find freedom of  this mind and liberation of our soul from all pains and sufferings.

For achieving all this,  we  must also have to take some precautions.  i.e. ,To leave and sacrifice some barriers of our egos and false images of faith and beliefs about our known religions and personalities because it is impossible to carry all those waste materialistic things up to the invisible path of unknown journey of our destination.


Only our super consciousness reaches there, and we don’t.



Steven Paul Jobs, called Steve Jobs, co-founde...

Steven Paul Jobs, called Steve Jobs, co-founder, chairman and CEO of Apple Inc. (Photo credit: Wikipedia)

Steven Jobs once mentioned in a motivating speech for each one of us:

” You’ve got to find what you love.  Don’t  settle…as with all matters of the heart.  You will know when you find it”.

Earlier since, I started writing on this blog, I was really confused about the way I was living my life for.   Still,  I haven’t found my way of living my life. But the above lines sparked me to try again til, I got to find what I love and what I want to do.  Then, ‘not to settle’ until  my heart says OK Fine !   I  tried to find and seek to overlook my undone efforts on the questions of life.  And in this process,  I discovered a few interesting facts of  life.  That I want to share with all of you.

Life is an illusion.  Life is a mystery.  Life is unpredictable.

Life is none of us.  We do not live a life. But it is life that lives us.  We may only follow it like a shadow which follows a body.  Hence,  it provides a way and leads us on a path of  journey to find our choices.  And these choices decide our fate or luck.  We do not execute our choices but life does it towards the unknown decisions of life.

Life is an experience.  Life is an expectations and unexpectations.

Because Life is constant and in motion like a treadmill.  We have to sync with the speed of Life.  Whenever we stop or run away from it, we fall and sustain very serious injuries of our heart and soul.  Then we need to stand and gather ourselves again and again until we jog ourselves along with the momentum of Life.  It never excuses anyone.  Either, You are an expert player, master or a novice.

Life is eventful.  Life is hope and misery.  Life is full of challenges.

There is only one rule of life obeyed by both.  Whoever should , the master or the novice, each has to play his role or a part on this big stage of drama.  Where each and everyone is a character and Life is an audience.   When we find a role or character matched with our expectations and demands,  we enjoy it to play this role  smoothly and easily.  But in vice-versa we do disheartened and  play it bad enough about very ugly and timidly.

  Life is a happening.   Life is our storyteller.

It is Life which decide our fate and enjoy our performance without interfering our creativity and acting.  We are those actors who do not decide our role, Life does it by being director and producer of this unending story of this drama.  Therefore, we never know what we are acting or playing on this stage in every scene of life.  And scene by scene we tends to erase our last memory to prepare for the next scene. This goes on until we finish our role in one character.

Life is ‘Life’ and ‘Life’ is death.  Life is a finishing line.

Life is our generator and spectator.

In  this way, we forget our last played character and be ready to live for a new-born character.  It is life which remembers all our roles and characters played here to keep a constant record by creating and editing our stories.  That is how Life lives us.

We are born to ‘Life’

Therefore somebody has well said that:

‘Life’ is very complicated.

Don’t try to find answers.

Because when you find answers.

‘Life’ changes the questions.

To understand more scientifically and clearly on this article you would like to share and see a very interesting meaningful story in this link below: