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“The Emptiness” – A Quest to Live !

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This was my beautiful creation on the eve of ‘Marry Christmas’. Today, is the special day for being my first anniversary of writing a blog on word press, so I thought it to remember those beautiful feelings again on this auspicious day. Please enjoy them here and keep them always with you  for sharing it with as many people as it may …



There is an empty world without any other person except you. You are living here all alone  with all the facilities available to support a human life.

How do You feel ?

Horrible ?  Peaceful ?  Lonesome ?

Will you dare to describe the state of your mind ? Yes, it is not easy to feel the emptiness deep within our core. But sometime somethings happen to know which force us to drive ourselves to enter that empty world. And we feel so many loneliness there that we forget ourselves almost there that we were there.

That is how we live in these two worlds.  

The Fact 

Actually we come into our existence in this material world carrying this emptiness deep within our core. And we don’t even know and realize it until we came across it many times in our lifetime. Because we always try to fill…

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