An effort to liberalizing people to help themselves.

Investing into Future


First thing First

Three days back, I came across a wonderful person’s blog.  After going through many posts there I realised some important facts, which led me to do something new and explosive apart from writing, reading, eating and all types of normal activities.  Since then, I could not sleep well and it made me so restless that I can’t resist myself from sharing that idea.

From the day one since 28th May 2013, honestly speaking, all the personalities I have come across on the are unique, great and wonderful.  They share the same qualities of being a genuine,  good knowledgeable and a learned human of versatility and kindness to guide this world with their motivating and positive energy filled ideas and thoughts.  I have a deep heartiest gratitude of obligation to all of them with a smiling and loving thankfulness for their kind services rendered to shape a better future of people living on this planet called ‘Earth’.

‘Time’ is ‘Money’

This fact needs not to be explained and described.  Everybody knows it very well.  But most of the people are unaware of opposite of this fact i.e. ‘Money is not ‘Time’.  We cannot afford to buy time back with any amount of money offered.  And so many persons are offering their so precious time at their will only in charity to mend a beautiful life of other persons.

Has this affected ?

I won’t say a no, but in a small amount it has  effected.  But in a larger big view frame it has not been worked out.  If these true efforts have touched the lives of people and had solved their all problems, there may not  a need to yell from the hearts of all creative genius to encourage towards changing the face of this existing world today. Reason being very small, failing to market all these free available solutions.  Public needs marketing and big blow of advertising to educate and to deliver something in the current scenario.

What to do ?

And all these activities needs a proper planning and execution with a good support of funding by some majority of group initiatives called organisations.  Here, our creative genius lacks to form a big majority of groups and to raise enough funds to support their activities. They rather do individually and in the form of NGO fighting for the social causes.  As a result, their message culminates into few already benefited societies and remains untouched from masses.


In the coming future,  we won’t see a major change in this world that we have always dreamt of,  if we don’t come forward  today in large group for a well planned execution.  Only writing on blogs, books  and chanting poetry, singing songs, painting canvas and walls, delivering motivational and devotional lectures won’t deliver the full purpose of a better change in human life.  In practical, We have to come together to form a big and more powerful organisation than any big corporation can do to get what we tell others to do. Because we have enough knowledge and better minute details of our dreams.  And we can do in an honest way towards their execution depending upon our inherent, inborn, extraordinary natural qualities we have.

Investing into ‘Future’ 

I have laid down the stone by initiating this idea.  You, all our friends are sincerely and cordially  invited to make a solid foundation and structure on it to make your dream come ‘True’ by investing into your ‘Future’.  I shall join you certainly with my full cooperation.  Invite, whoever, deserves…Image

“Only will requires,

rest shall be managed by ‘thyself’ and yourself”.

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    • Your overwhelming comment and blessing has given me the eye of confidence to enlighten a path where prosperity , generosity and equality shall prevail altogether for the progress of mankind.


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