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Do we know? Do you know? Do I know? Do they know?  What is time?  Where is it?  Why is it?  And when is it going to happen?

Is certain period of one’s life distance may be called time?  Is the distance traveled by the light of all the stars in universe should be explained time?  So what are we?  Are we also an Individual planetary bodies of the universe,  reflecting our lives into all over in all the universes?

These are the very few questions for exploring answers about time.  If one can answer to them,  it is a possibility that he may start to know a tiny information about time.

Our science and knowledge  is so small that we cannot predict exactly and perfectly that what is going to happen next moment.

So, how can one know all the coming infinite moments..?

Then, how can we manage that so called time?  Please, someone! Let me know the way or direction to know it. I have so many big and small plannings to perform and finish. You may also be!  Has anybody done accordingly and  accurately as per his plans?  Ultimately, we surrender to the situations against and before us.  Later, we decide accordingly to the results of favorable and unfavorable, good and bad findings of our mind.  That it was planned right and wrong.  And it wasn’t…

So explaining the Time is so tough, knowing it cannot be much easier.  Only we can estimate that, this is time and that is time and that was time.  We have given our assumptions to time.
Although, we all know;

Neither we nor this universe will exist for always.

Yet, we all are trying endless efforts to know and mend  Time.

So much has been happened in our universe between writing these lines that it cannot be seen, calculated and known by any method.

Then, can we think of running beyond this unknowing thing which is going at so much unknown and unmeasured fast speed?  Is, there can be a method of calculating a thing which is going in all the directions and dimensions?  Even, we don’t know exactly about all the dimensions of all the universe,  we think of travelling in  ‘Time’.

Aren’t we travelling every single moment sitting on this planet ‘Earth’ in the space.

But space and travelling are not ‘Time’.  As per our physics laws theory;  Calculating the distance traveled within a space cannot be the time,  as the space is unlimited, then travelling in space will be also called unlimited.  Hence, unlimited things cannot be measured.  And if it is measured then it may not be the similar for each heavenly body, because the situation and distance of each body is different.  And, we cannot fix a certain criteria to know and measure it because we don’t know the complete knowledge of universe.  Even we don’t know our position and situation in this universe, then also we don’t know about ourselves completely .

Moreover, time can be so microscopic tiny, no machine can be invented to dissect  and calculate it.

This is becoming so much illusion to understand a unseen thing called ‘Time’ i.e. so much tiny and unlimited at a particular moment.  We calculate and declare it only by assumptions, estimations, possibilities and situations.  I am unable to know it.  Are? You…

Will there be a Time?  My time?  Your ‘Time’.

3 thoughts on “Time.

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  2. Beautiful words and wanderings of the mind on the concept of time. Invariably, I feel it’s all a cycle that accepts all extremes to understand the concept of what is TIME…. all a part of the perceived 3d reality we have thrust ourselves within


    • I am glad to know that you loved my thoughts. Actually, it has its own unique characteristic of past, present and future, therefore, there may be infinite dimensions of time like space and speed. In future, if we have to travel beyond our galaxy as we do in a sci-fi movie, we must break the existing estimation rules of all the three characteristics of time as well as space and speed. I am not a science student but being a science lover I hope it to be possible one day.


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