An effort to liberalizing people to help themselves.



So, there is a need to organize the fourth type of people, who may be different from others but their true efforts are not different from others. Anyone can choose to be performed like them. Because the final product of each and everyone’s honest dedication will be the same..


Let’s try to describe it more elaborately. Yet, it is not possible to explain love in words. Though, its need can be understood as it is the most needed thing in each and every one’s life. But people prefer other materilastic things before selecting Love as their first demand mostly.

Why do we do this?

Because we do not know how to love ourselves. And we put ourselves secondary against all world, here we make a mistake to judge ourselves very small and similarly to judge Love (we) very small.  Let’s be more specific and short because there is no end in explaining the reasons of realization that it is the final destination where we have to embark upon. Otherwise we shall lose each and everything of this world, including us.

So, if the necessity is so big.  Then, can you imagine the size of the necessity. Yes, it is unimaginable.

There are no horizons of Love.

And it is the finest, strongest , unseen thread which can hold almost thousands and millons of worlds. Then, we have a very short tiny planet to hold it as ‘One’. And, it is not a very big task to do. Because we have to do nothing.  Yes, we have to do nothing.  We’re already bounded with each other within our deep inner pure soul.  Just we have to feel the deepness and fullness and solidity of our soul.  That is Love.

Yes, Love is our Soul which we experience many times.

But we don’t even know what we are doing by losing experience of love. Infact, we lose our soul, we get apart from our soul day by day. we shrink ourselves day by day. We run away from it without realizing that there is no turning back and now the distance has become so much that we have made a prison of geological boundaries like big continents and countries to small towns and big houses. We’re the prisoner of our egoistic bodies living in so called places. We have narrowed our path by narrowing our thoughts of living, we cannot share us with others. These are the problems we  have to understand and solve.

We don’t have to understand what love is… because we cannot.  We should surrender to the power of love by losing some ego and selfishness to start our journey of fulfillment and happiness.

Only, we can enjoy these beautiful feelings on the passage of  Love.
There is no other except us to do so, because it is made for us . We are born to it. We are born with this. We can do this.

We can Love each other. Just Do.

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This World is enormously crowded with mostly three types of people:

  1. Intellectual Labors, depending only on mind power.
  2. Physical Labors, depending on their technical expertise.
  3. Mixture of both types.

All these three types have been living in some kind of organizations made for fulfilling their materialistic lives.  But there is a Forth type of people also, who lives beyond all three types mentioned above. They cannot be categorized as they tend to spend a life which is out of the boundaries of Mind and Body.  Hence they listen only to their heart and they are the true seeker of experience something that is always new and unique.

They are never satisfied with the existing face of this World.
They always try to paint it with a difference and they try it continuously.

This is a species, this world will need it most because they know how to live on their nerves and feelings, therefore, they can help to support this world at the most, with their selfless and ego-less efforts.

Alas! these kind of people are mostly love to live alone with themselves due to their ego-less and selfless qualities. And they don’t want to be a “Flock of sheep” and lead their own path and leave a choice to follow them if one wants to. Therefore, it is a tremendously tough to gather and make them organized.

But it is the need of the hour that they all get organized and lead a new path for a new coming world of happiness and liberalizing people where there is no boundaries of religions, castes, colors, cultures and the mind.

Let’s stand up and do something above our-self needs.  Then these physical and mental boundaries of cities, villages, states, nations, countries, continents and sub-continents have to be vanished without any line of control, barriers, and obstacles.  Just we have to do this physically,  as we have done this already virtually on  WWW.

So, whoever joins shall  get an ultimate reward of  ‘Peace of his soul’  by pledging him honestly to perform up to the best in their purest soul.  And the rest will be completed by the final product of their efforts.. Love..

Come and find yourself, take your charge,  garland “you” and you”.

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After wasting so much precious time, there comes a spark again in my soul.  So i’m bound to write and express myself again.  It happened just a few minutes ago and all the credit goes to my successor who did this.  He shook me and helped me by making my first fresh new blog.  And it made both of us happy and fulfilled with joy and so much satisfying.

Life is bent upon to almost kill me but i have survived always like today. It felt to me that i am born again to live a new life again. Last six to seven months i was lost and buried somewhere between the struggle of making life easy and better, but it only got worse day by day, And finally when I was going to decide that i should surrender myself to the life as it is, suddenly I found myself to get up again to fight for some cause, to survive for my dears but not for nears.

There are some great Men who must have given me the strength to live for my dreams, George Michael, His golden voice will inspire me till my life ends. when he sings in his wet,unique,lovely,lively,fresh and soul touching voice, it carries me somewhere where i feel like that its my personality and its my voice and its me who is expressing in words of music.

Shri T.T. Rangarajan  whose wisdom guided me when i read his “Unposted letter” the, I must admire his true message with an honest authority.

Open any page, and Answer is seeking the seeker.

And there are no words to appreciate his gift to the humanity. I’m his follower and shall be always.

Steven Paul Jobs  the Apple Man, who is not ‘Late’ for me, till the rest of my life i’ll dream of doing at least one deed like Steve did many. The world Including me will be grateful always for the services and ultimate things he invented.

All three personalities are different from each other except one thing they share in common,
All are unique  and matchless in living a life for humanity. I’m trying very hard to follow their path but haven’t started yet and don’t know when i’ll finish.
I’ve to fight a numerous time, I shall fight.
I’ve to born a numerous time, I shall bear myself again and again.

This is my fight and i will not quit till my win or finish where me and life are even. Only my dears will decide and declare this by learning tough and hard lessons of life as their winning prizes and trophies.